Why Clients Are Utilizing Cryotherapy

Pain Management
Workout Recovery
Mental Well-Being
Weight Management

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To Sum It Up . . .

How Cryotherapy Cryosaunas and Cryo chambers work explained by a Cryosauna which is equipment used to perform Cryotherapy and Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions is pictured here located inside of a blue ice cube.


Cryotherapy Leads To . . .


How Cryotherapy Cryosaunas and Cryo chambers work and a clock showing how quick a Cryotherapy session is, a minute and thirty seconds to three minutes, that is located inside of a blue ice cube.


Faster Recovery 

How Cryotherapy Cryosaunas and Cryo chambers work, here a body in the supine position inside of a blue ice cube repressing the fact that Whole Body Cryotherapy is greta for reducing inflammation all over the body.


Reduced Soreness


Better Results


For Optimal Benefits GLACÉ Recommends

6-10 Sessions

In close succession for new users


1-2 Sessions

Per week for regulars to keep results 

Decrease Recovery Time

Cryotherapy for improved workout recovery has become hot topic of late as many professional athletes have turned to it for their recovery needs. Whole Body Cryotherapy helps the body recover after intense exercise by flushing Lactic acid from the muscles and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, while also dramatically reducing post-exercise inflammation,  known as DOMS.

Reduce Inflammation

Cryotherapy and pain management is an important topic and a huge reason that many clients come to GLACÉ seeking our services. The subzero Cryotherapy temperatures will cause vasoconstriction, or contraction of the blood vessels, thus limiting the production of inflammation-causing white blood cells.


Increase Blood-Flow

Cryotherapy increasing blood flow has been seen in many European research studies. During a Cryotherapy session, the brain immediately senses the drop in skin surface temperature and draws blood toward the core. There the blood becomes highly oxygenated, collects proteins and enzymes and then flows back out to the extremities when the session is over.

Improve Sleep

​Cryotherapy improving sleep is one of the most unexpected but enjoyed benefits of the therapy. Many individuals report deeper and more restful sleep following Cryotherapy.

Energize Work Out

Cryotherapy before working out is popular among our clients that experience the “Cryo Rush.” The Cryo Rush is a thrilling feeling of energy that is seen just after a Cryotherapy’s session has finished in about half of our users. The release of adrenalin and other endorphins during a Whole Body Cryotherapy can create a sudden burst of energy that can last for hours.

Improve Mood

Cryotherapy improving mood has been such an important topic that today Whole body Cryotherapy is being successfully used to treat depression in several European hospitals. Cryotherapy is believed to ease depression by triggering the release of adrenaline and endorphins into the blood stream which reduces stress, anxiety and irritability.

Tighten Skin

Cryotherapy for skin benefits is a major reason why many clients seek our services. Frequent Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions tighten the skin and prevents wrinkles. Skin vessels and capillaries are first constricted in the Cryosauna and then dilated when you exit. This allows toxins stored in the layers of the skin to be broken down and flushed away.

Increase Collagen 

Cryotherapy increasing collagen production has been a topic of discussion recently. This is because the intense cold (-200 F) during a Cryotherapy session could potentially activate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin, leaving it firm and tight. After several treatments, some clients have noticed their skin is smoother and more even-toned with regained elasticity and improved overall “youthful” feeling.



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