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Steps To A Cryotherapy Session At GLACÉ


Before Your Session

Fill out a brief health questionnaire to ensure Cryotherapy is right for you.


Prepare For Your Session

After being escorted to your private dressing room, you will remove all clothing. For women, (underwear/ bra top "without any metal" is optional, men must keep underwear/ shorts on or use small towel to cover area. You will then put on one pair of gloves, socks, shoes and a robe all of which will be provided by GLACÉ. You will need to remove any metal or jewelry from the neck below (earrings ok). You must be dry for your session, towels will be provided should you need to wipe off.

During Your Session

Your trained and certified Cryosauna operator will guide you through your session. As you step into the Cryosauna and into privacy, your operator will then take your robe and or wrapped towel and your session will begin. Cool, dry air will circulate around your body for just 2-3 minutes meanwhile your skin surface temperature will drop significantly. Your Cryosauna operator will advise you to continuously rotate during your session to ensure proper exposure and a more pleasant experience. It's also important to note that a Cryotherapy session does not need to be three minutes in length to be effective. It's encouraged to try and stay in the unit for at least one minute and thirty seconds, however you may exit the Cryosauna for any reason at any time. Due to various factors, the Cryosauna temperature will vary session to session and some sessions when the machine is colder than usual may only last or be stopped at two minutes while other sessions may proceed for the maximum length of three minutes. 

After Your Session

Upon exiting the Cryosauna when the session is over, your Cryosauna operator will hand you back your robe and or towel and ensure your privacy. It's during this time that the body vasodilates and the enriched blood is released back to the skin surface tissues, muscle tissues, and joint spaces that have been flushed of toxins. You will warm up within minutes and are free to pursue any normal activities once you leave GLACÉ.

Please keep in mind, for optimal results you will want to commit to 6-10 initial Cryotherapy sessions in close succession when first beginning. One session is a great introduction and allows new clients to see how beneficial, relaxing and quick a Cryotherapy session can be, but after your initial sessions are completed 2-3 sessions per week is ideal to maintain results. To get the most out of your GLACÉ experience, monthly memberships are highly recommended as they allow for up to 24 sessions per month and are extremely cost effective. 

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What is Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the use of dry cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness. Cryotherapy sessions help reduce overall inflammation in the entire body.

Why do people enjoy Cryotherapy?

GLACÉ clients have communicated that they enjoy Cryotherapy for pain management, athletic recovery, mental wellbeing and energy production.

What should I do during the two to three minute session I am inside the Cryosauna?

During your supervised, one to three minute Cryotherapy session, a Cryosauna operator will instruct you to continuously rotate to maximize your Cryotherapy exposure and experience.

Do I need to go a full three minutes during my Cryotherapy session?

It’s important to understand that a Cryotherapy session doesn’t need to be a full three minutes in order to be effective. Clients should strive to last at least one minute and thirty seconds during each session. Depending on the coldness of the Cryosauna which is impacted by many different factors, sessions may last for as little as one minute to as long as the maximum allowed time of three minutes.

Note: A session can be stopped at any time for any reason. The Crysauna doors don’t lock and iIf you ask to be let out your session the operator will immediately stop your session and let you out.

Should I do Cryotherapy before or after exercise?

GLACÉ clients who utilize Cryotherapy before exercise communicate that they experience increased energy, improved focus, extra endurance, and additional flexibility during their workouts.

GLACÉ clients who utilize Cryotherapy after exercise communicate that they experience less muscle soreness and faster rejuvenation.

How often do I need to do Cryotherapy to see and keep results?

*New Cryo users should aim to do between 6-10 Cryotherapy sessions in close succession to see if the therapy will work for them.

*GLACÉ regulars should do their best to aim for 1-2 Cryo sessions per week to keep their Cryotherapy results.

GLACÉ recommends the GLACÉ Club Membership for both new and returning Cryotherapy users.

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