Full Body Cryotherapy Mountain View

Full Body Cryotherapy 


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Cryo chamber which you can find in the bay area at Glace Cryotherapy Mountain View

Full Body Cryo

Celluma LED Light Therapy device pictured which is used at Glace Cryotherapy in the pain management program.

Celluma Red Light Therapy

NormaTec Compression Therapy displayed here can be found inside Glace Cryotherapy Mountain View.

NormaTec Compression Therapy

Marc Pro Plus pictured here is sued by Glace Cryotherapy in both its Workout Recovery and Pain Management programs due to the fact that the small device has two different frequency settings, one for workout recovery and another for pain that Glace clients can use.

Marc Pro Electric Stim

A diagram of what a Celluma Red Light Facial looks like. A client has the Celluma device comfortably over their face for twenty to thirty minutes to help client clear acne wrinkles and have great looking skin.

Celluma Blue Light Facial

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Full body cryotherapy is our premier service at Glace Cryotherapy Mountain View, but we also offer many other cutting edge recovery tools that can help with workout recovery, pain management and beauty & wellness. 

We would like to invite you in to to our recovery spa to not only to experience full body cryotherapy but also Celluma LED Light Therapy, NormaTec Compression Therapy, Marc Pro Electric Stimulation and Red Light beauty facials. 

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