Skyler Scarlett

Skyler Scarlett graduated in 2012 with a degree in Exercise Physiology and minor in Nutrition. After graduating, at 24 years old, he jumped right into the research of at the time the barely existent Cryotherapy Industry. In 2014 on a very limited budget, he was able to start a Spa in his hometown of Carmel, CA. In 2016 he appeared on national television in front of five million viewers on hit TV show ABC Shark Tank and later that year was named by FORBES as the number four entrepreneur under 30 to keep an eye on.

As CEO of GLACÉ, in just two years Skyler started a Cryotherapy Spa in Carmel and sold it, developed his concept into a franchise model and came to an agreement with Fitness International LLC to put GLACÉs into select City Sports Club and LA Fitness locations across the Country. Skyler is driven by his passion for the therapy and it unlimited potential and aims to bring Cryotherapy to millions of Americans.

Brittney Scarlett-Torres

Brittney Scarlett-Torres graduated in 2007 with a degree in Political Science and a Paralegal Certificate. The first 5 years out of college were spent in many different roles from a paralegal to an executive assistant and marketing coordinator for a world renowned Sculptor. In 2014 she took a chance on her brother’s new business idea that was Cryotherapy. After trying it once she was sold and together they sought out to bring this therapy to their tiny community of Carmel, CA.

As the COO of GLACÉ CRYOTHERAPY she spent countless hours working with a professional franchise development team to set up their Cryotherapy model for franchising. Now she sets out to start all over again by opening their Cryotherapy spa inside of City Sports Club, owned by Fitness International, with the plan to quickly scale into corporate and franchised owned locations.

David Rogers
VP Franchise Development

David Rogers is a self-described serial entrepreneur. He has spent many years working with people with intellectual development disabilities (IDD) as well as serving for the military. He has founded and owned four different businesses as well as assisted with other people starting their own. Four out of the seven businesses have been or are currently multi-million dollar businesses. In 2016, he contacted GLACÉ to inquire about the LA Fitness opportunity as he saw the possibilities.

After owning his own Cryotherapy business he desired to be part of a larger team. He immediately saw the potential and came on board to head up the Southern franchising development and efforts. From helping people with IDD to Cryotherapy he looks forward to being part of a entrepreneurial team that has a strong desire to help others.

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