Warriors Do Cryotherapy At Reboot in Oakland

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Practically speaking, staying strong and active has been a lifelong goal. To find a new program, via cryotherapy, that fits into my goals and my lifestyle in just three minutes a session, is a remarkable discovery. I bounce back feeling wonderfully relaxed and energetic. Furthermore, my research of the science behind cryotherapy convinces me that these treatments are a worthwhile commitment.

Deedee S, Health & Wellness
Glace Cryotherapy Customer Testimonials. An older woman using Cryotherapy for pain management and anti aging enjoys her time in the Cryosauna.

If you suffer from chronic pain like I do I strongly recommend you try cryotherapy. It has helped me a great deal. Not only has it helped me with my pain issues, but has helped with my energy level as well.

Jim P, Chronic Pain
Glace Cryotherapy Customer Testimonials. A Cryotherapy user for pain management smiles inside of the Cryosauna as he enjoys his Cryotherapy session.

I have had three back surgeries and a neck surgery. Since doing the treatment, I’m taking almost no pain pills. It’s not waco-type science. The Japanese have been doing it for a long time, and the Germans for 30 or 40 years. Larry Wall of Larry Wall Physical Therapy in Salinas, CA has refereed more than 10 patients to GLACÉ.

Larry W, Physical Therapist
Glace Cryotherapy Customer Testimonials. An older gentlemen and physical therapist enjoys his Cryotherapy session.

As a personal trainer and a natural athlete who likes to train little too crazy . Cryo helped me recover so fast after my super sore muscles and foot injury that helped me to perform at the Spartan Race two weeks later where I placed top 3 highly recommend.

Janka G, Personal Trainer
Glace Cryotherapy Customer Testimonials. Woman smiles while inside of the Cryosauna which is used to administer Cryotherapy.

As an aging athlete I need to be in tip top shape it helps with muscle recovery but also joint pain and just reducing inflammation so if we can reduce inflammation in our body through diet, through modalities like this then were going to be better for the next training day.

Paul C, Strength and Conditioning Coach Baltimore Orioles
Glace Cryotherapy Customer Testimonials

As a fitness and sports professional I saw the value in it and thought it was about time something like this came along. Being an athlete for life comes with a few bumps and bruises, to say the least. It has done wonders for helping me recover from some injuries I was having. It really brought down the inflammation from some nerve damage. It also just really revitalized me and gave me some energy. The high you get after you start to warm up is awesome. That’s probably my favorite part.

Kyle P, Personal Trainer
Glace Cryotherapy Customer Testimonials

I tried a few sessions and recognized feeling refreshed and invigorated when leaving. On the other hand, I was not compelled to make any type of return commitment. I think the issue for me was I had no aches or joint pain. Interestingly, I have become a huge convert. If I am feeling tired or a little ‘down’, a session brings my body to an energy level much the same as a good workout. For ME, my fingernails and hair are growing at a noticeable rate (collagen production increased), and I have lost weight especially around my hard to deal with middle-age spread.

Carol C, Mood & Wellness
Glace Cryotherapy Customer Testimonials

Let’s talk about how cryotherapy soothed my muscle soreness and aches pains and made me feel brand new in 2 minutes. If you’re into fitness or have any aches in your bod I’d give it a whirl.

Alissa K, Fitness
Glace Cryotherapy Customer Testimonials

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