Does Cryotherapy Work?

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“I was a skeptic until I experienced a month’s worth of Cryotherapy and then it became part of my lifestyle.”
–  George P
“Hands down the best therapy I have ever come across in my life. Less aches & pain, better sleep, more energy, it’s unbelievable what just three minutes of extreme cold a few times per week can do for the body.”
– Lucia B

Only 1-3 Minutes 

Completely Dry

Warriors Do Cryotherapy At Reboot in Oakland

Jordan Spieth Uses Cryotherapy As Part Of His Recovery Routine

Cryo Is Used By The Best Professional Athletes All Over The World 

Lebron James and Floyd Mayweather Cryo

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How cry o therapy cryosaunas and cryo chambers work, here a human body in the supine position inside of a blue ice cube representing the fact that full body cryotherapy is great for reducing inflammation all over the entire body.