Chiropractic care and cryotherapy work great together. If you are looking to reduce back pain in the Bay Area and want to try combing cryotherapy with chiropractic care you should try using both Glace Cryotherapy and Movement Chiropractic and Wellness both located in Mountain View, CA

Chiropractic Care & Cryotherapy in The Bay Area

One business type that Glace finds works extremely well in conjunction with cryotherapy is Chiropractic care. At Glace Cryotherapy our goal is to try and reduce your inflammation so that you will feel less aches and pains. Many of our clients come in with back pain and seek out cryo for the purpose of helping their back pain symptoms. What we try to make clear to potential clients seeking our services, is that yes cryotherapy also known as whole body cryotherapy can definitely help reduce the back pain symptoms but it will not fix the underlying problem causing that back pain.

That’s where Chiropractic care comes in place. This practice actually works to try and solve the issues that our causing back pain. Just as after a workout when he body is releasing extra inflammation, after a session with a chiropractor, the body will have a high inflammation count and that is why post Chiropractic makes for a perfect time for a cryotherapy session.

Since we now have two services that can potentially help you with your back pain the question is where do you go in the Bay Area to get the best combination of a great Chiropractor and reliable cryotherapy spa? If you have already been looking then you noticed that The Bay Area actually has quite a few cryotherapy locations now operating and numerous Chiropractic offices. How do you choose the right locations.

We hope that 4 years of experience and a location with industry leading safety standards and pricing in the Bay Area would lead you to Glace Cryotherapy

Best Cryotherapy in The Bay Area


As for our suggestion for a great Chiropractic choice in the Bay Area and Mountain View region, look no further than Dr. Taylor Griffith.

Dr. Griffith runs Movement Chiropractic and Wellness which is conveniently located only five minutes from Glace Cryotherapy. I was lucky enough to sit down with Dr. Griffith last week where he went out of his way to sit down with two young entrepreneurs and share his story of how his business came to be.

Interview Local Business Profile: Movement Chiropractic and Wellness 

Owner of business: Doctor Taylor Griffith

Question: How many years has your company been around?

My business has been around for three years.

Question: What educational background and how many years of schooling got you to where you are today?

I did under graduate kinesology for four year and then was at  Life Chiropractic in the East Bay for an additional three years.

Question: When did you realize that you wanted to start your own business?

I worked for a year with doctors in Southern California and quickly learned I wanted to do my own thing and I just went for it.

Question: Best tips for young entrepreneurs out there looking to start their own company?

Dont be afraid to get involved in the local community. Not every opportunity will result in a new client but that doesn’t make it not worthwhile as you will learn something. I now work with a big corporate company and that all started from a simple lunch.

Question: What has been the most difficult part of owning your own business?

Once you get stead flow of clients it can be easy to get lazy so you need to know how to re invent yourself to keep your passion up and continue to grow the business. Simply put, don’t get lazy or complacent ever.

Question: What has been the best part of owning your own business?

Knowing that all the work and dedication that you put in is for your family.

Question: Around how many individual clients do you see each week?

I see around 16 to 18 clients a day.

Question: What method works best for you company to get in new clientele?

Word of mouth is everything. Creating an execptional customer service business.

Question: Do you have any partnerships set up with other local business to help drive business for both companies?

Yes, I work with local Yoga studios and wellness studios,

Question: Had you ever heard of Cryotherapy before coming in for a session today?

Yes, I had tried Cryotherapy before in Palo Alto.

Question: What did you think of your first Cryotherapy experience?

Was colder than my first time but much more manageable the second time here at Glace Cryotherapy.

Question: Any final words for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs out there?

“When you think it’s not working and your close to quitting that is when you are about to make it work”

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