Cryotherapy search terms are on display through an example of a google Adwords campaign.

cry o therapy? This is how potential clients seem to be searching for Cryotherapy in The Bay Area and Chattanooga

Where can I find cryo o therapy ?

Yes, cry o therapy is indeed the phrase that has had more web site viewers see our google ad words campaign than any other search phrase so far. Whole body cryotherapy is a brand new industry and even though the industry has grown from 20 locations in 2012 to over 700 in 2017, it still barely exists in our country.

Right now I’m digging in deep in regards to SEO trying my best to figure out how I can get potential clients to find our cryotherapy business Glace Cryotherapy in both the Bay Area and in Chattanooga with ease on the internet. It’s a lot harder than it seems as a lot of people may be looking for cryotherapy or whole body cryotherapy but aren’t quite sure what its called, how it’s spelled or where they can find it. Cry o therapy may be the number one search term, but there were a ton of other phrases our company had never thought to target before running this ad campaign.

Below are the search phrases in order having the most hits so far with our google ad words campaign.

cry o therapy, freezing therapy, body cryotherapy, full body cryotherapy, whole body cryotherapy, cryogenics therapy, cryo cryotherapy, cryotherapy therapy, cryotherapy ice machine, cryofreeze therapy, cryotherapy, body freeze therapy, freeze chamber, ice machine for shoulder therapy, cry freeze and cryo treatment.

The terms we are actually wanting clients to search for are “cryotherapy” and “whole body cryotherapy” and they are number 12 and 5 on that list respectively. And yet even if we were to focus on the terms listed above, are we missing out on all the potential clients that could use our therapy but don’t know it exists? Should we be specifically targeting terms such as shoulder and back pain? Should we focus more on “recovery” for athletes? SEO is a tough game already and when it comes to a new industry like whole body cryotherapy it becomes even more complicated.

With that said if you just typed in cry o therapy in the google search bar from your location in the Bay Area, Mountain View, CA or Chattanooga and it brought you here and you were indeed looking for cryotherapy services, we would love to have your business.

You can find out everything there is to know about cry o therapy aka “cryotherapy” on our webpage by click below:

Looking For cry o therapy

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