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The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast – Cryotherapy Interview

I really enjoyed my time interviewing with Jonathan Grzybowski on his podcast called “The Blind Entrepreneur.” He wanted to discuss the Cryotherapy business model and more importantly my experience as an entrepreneur. Please check out and support his site by checking out his website below.

The Blind Entrepreneur 

I encourage all entrepreneurs out there and those aspiring to start their own business to check out his podcast for there is much to be learned from listening to many of the great entrepreneurs that have lent their voice to his program. One topic that came up towards the end of the podcast actually touched upon my previous blog post “If You’re In Your 20s & Not An Entrepreneur, You Are Crazy.”  which I think is really telling of how much I believe your 20s is the right time to go for it.

I usually always enjoy discussing Cryotherapy and entrepreneurship, but full disclosure: I didn’t know that this would be a video interview and had expected just an audio interview, so that’s why I look like I just got out of bed. In fact, at the last minute I threw on a tank top, so luckily I didn’t end up giving this interview shirtless. I really enjoyed Jonathan’s questions as my previous interviews usually just consisted of those boring generic questions, but you can really tell Jonathan is an entrepreneur by the questions he asks. There were times during this interview where I genuinely had to think hard about how to answer the questions as they were a lot deeper than most typical interview questions.

Anyhow, I have posted my interview for you to watch below. This is a great watch for those interested in learning more about the Cryotherapy business model and entrepreneurship. I would like to thank Jonathan again for having me on as a guest on his very resourceful podcast platform.


74: Skyler Scarlett | CEO of GLACÉ CRYOTHERAPY