Compression Massage Therapy

What Is NormaTec?

NormaTec Compression Recovery Systems is one of the leaders in rapid recovery that is giving a competitive edge to the worlds elite athletes, coaches, and trainers. NormaTec was created by a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD) to enhance blood flow and speed recovery. Compressed air is used to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery with the patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern system.

NormaTec’s patented Sequential Pulse Technology sets it apart from any other massage compression device by synergistically combing three distinct massage techniques – Pulsing, Gradient Hold, and Distal Release – to speed the body’s recovery process. Users include members of elite NCAA programs, the majority of the NFL, NBA and NHL teams; the US Navy Seals; and the US Olympic Committee. 


Increase Circulation, Decrease Inflammation

Heal Quicker Post-Surgical, Recover Faster

Compression Therapy Post Workout 

Compression Therapy is one of the best modalities for post workout recovery. The compression will help push blood to specific parts of the body speeding up the healing process. Our clients love to use the leg compression set after a hard workout especially on leg day. We also have arms and hip compression attachments that can be used on those body parts. 

Compression Therapy & Pro Athletes 

Compression Therapy is loved by profession athletes, specifically the NormaTec Recovery Systems, which has hugely popular fans and users such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Drew Brees, Justin Verlander, Rose Namajunas, & Linsey Corbin.

NormaTec Compression is endorsed and used by The U.S. Ironman Series, USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, USA Gymnastics and the BMC Racing Team. NormaTec Compression was also the Runner’s World Editor’s Pick award winner. 

Cryotherapy & Compression 

Glace Cryotherapy clients love using cryo and compression together to maximize post workout recovery. Typically our clients will first use the cryo chamber and experience 1 to 3 miniutes of freeze therapy and then proceed to use the NormaTec Compression equipment to finish out the recovery process. 

This winning combination is a fan favorite on leg day. It’s perfectly fine to do Normatec Compression pre cryo treatment and we have a select amount of clients that actually prefer this order. 


Workout Recovery Program

Now that you understand what and how NormaTec Compression Therapy works it’s time to start using it as one tool of Glace Cryotherapy’s Recovery Program. 

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Compression Therapy Pricing 

  • NormaTec Recovery Systems (Glace Club Members)

  • $0month

  • Unlimited use of NormaTec Recovery Systems
  • Maximum length of 30 minutes per session
  • NormaTec Recovery Systems Single Session

  • $1per minute

  • $1 per minute
  • 10 minute minimum and 30 minute maximum