Glace Cryotherapy Blog. How to get on shark tank. The GLACÉ CRYOTHERAPY team performs a cryo session on Robert Herjavec on ABC Shark Tank in front of 8 million viewers.

Our Experience With Shark Tank

Many people often ask us about our Shark Tank experience. The most common question being “How to get on Shark Tank.” So we thought we would share a few tidbits about our experience and some other thoughts we have about ABCs popular entrepreneurial television show. We applied in the beginning of 2015 via email, opting to send a quick summary of our company rather. We quickly progressed through many rounds after that first email, the most important being the video qualification round where entrepreneurs selected to send in the producers a quick video about their company. Luckily we nailed this part of the casting process and next a few months later we were being flown out to Culver City, CA to film.

We were told 75,000 entrepreneurs applied for Season 7 of Shark Tank and that they flew
around 150-170 entrepreneurs down to Los Angeles to film in front of the Sharks. In reality, only
116 of these entrepreneurs that pitch in front of the Shark will actually air on prime time
television. Luckily for us we fell into that small category of entrepreneurs who would air.

It’s been said that the 10 minutes of prime time television a company’s brand gets on Shark
Tank is worth roughly 10 million dollars in marketing since that’s what the going rate would be
for any company trying to buy that amount of ad time on ABC.

We were extremely lucky to be the first company to pitch during our day of filming. We both felt
it was a huge advantage to go first before the Sharks are tired, hungry, agitated or bored. We
were surprised that some questions we thought were guaranteed to be asked never came up
and that certain questions we didn’t think would be asked came up. We were not at all too
surprised at the reactions of the Sharks and who would be potential investors, our two targets
were always Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban.

If you wondering why we didn’t do this or say that, know that Shark Tank is heavily edited and
that while we filmed in front of the Sharks for 50 minutes, our segment on television was only 10
minutes, so 40 minutes will never see the light of day.
We do believe Shark Tank is a better bet for products as they have the potential to ship out
millions of product in one night but for us being a service business I think we hit the jackpot as
far as who was turning into our segment that night.

A few days after we aired, Fitness International reached out to us having been impressed with
our segment on Shark Tank. A year later and we had a contract agreed to for putting GLACÉ
into as many of the 680 LA Fitness locations across the country as possible. Shark Tank brought
us Fitness International, which is such a large part of our companies futures plans that when
people ask us what was the Shark Tank exposure worth we can only say it was priceless.

– We were on Season 7, Episode 20 which can be found below.